Star Tarot Deck - 78 Cards

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Star Tarot Deck - 78 Cards

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Your Path to Self-Discovery Through Cosmic Symbolism

A Ritual Rose Studio Favourite ⭐️

Created for all levels of Tarot, this second-edition guidebook and deck combine numerology with the cosmos that link the Major Arcana. Find a heightened methodology for deeper connection to your inherent gifts and the true purpose of your soul. Explore new sections linking numerology with the Major and Minor Arcana as you reveal your lifetime personality, along with astrological references, three added spreads, and larger artwork on 78 beautifully illustrated cards.

An indispensable tool for those who seek their infinite personality possibilities: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. A sure bet for readers who enjoy cosmic symbolism.

AUTHOR: Cathy McClelland's love for nature, archetypal symbolism, and the cosmos inspired her to create The Star Tarot. Her magical and enchanting images flow from her heart and imagination. Her hope is that her artwork awakens the viewer to see and feel the magic life has to offer.

SELLING POINTS: 2nd edition of the popular self-discovery Tarot set, using cosmic symbolism with larger artwork on the cards, 3 new spreads, and numerology references For beginning and advanced Tarot readers who love the cosmos Includes astrological references and offers star guidance for the soul 78 art cards.

  • Publication Date: 01/07/2020