Pure Vanilla Sugar


Pure Vanilla Sugar

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Heilala Vanilla Pure Vanilla Sugar 200g (7.05 oz)

Vanilla has been coveted over the ages for culinary and medicinal reasons, but did you know, its use as an aphrodisiac and a medical botanical stretch back to its discovery in Mesoamerica by ancient cultures who cultivated and honoured the sweet orchid. European nations also historically valued vanilla for its flavour, its lore as a love potion, and its medicinal uses. You will fall in love with this flavour.

This powder is a delectable way to sprinkle pure vanilla flavoured sweetness into baked creations, cocktails, and beverages. 

Heilala Vanilla Pure Vanilla Sugar is crafted by carefully blending finely ground Madagascar vanilla beans and vanilla infused raw sugar. Madagascar vanilla flavor is developed by soaking raw sugar in concentrated vanilla extract to infuse complex yet delicate aroma and taste for the ultimate sweetening experience.

Feel good about enjoying an irresistible sweet vanilla indulgence as each vanilla bean used is grown with integrity and is hand selected by local Tongan growers for ripeness.