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Organic Rhodiola

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Rhodiola is a premier Adaptogen capable of boosting energy levels, mood, and endurance in times of increased stress or peak performance. Rhodiola is an adaptogenic stimulant the can give an activated or bright feeling in the body and mind.


- Improved mood
- Rhodiola may assist with mild anxiety and depression
- Improved athletic performance & endurance
- Improved cognitive performance and endurance
- Increased resistance to stress
- Greater sense of energy
- Adrenal Health
- For Fatigue Issues

Rhodiola is a great aid to sportspeople, students, those with mood issues, anyone who is busy with life and needing some extra support with energy levels.

Our Rhodiola is sourced from an organic farm in the Tibetan Himalayas. This Rhodiola is a 10:1 extract, meaning 1 gram of dried extract is equal to 10 grams of dried herb.