California Organic Medjool Date Syrup: Cinnamon 2 Pack


California Organic Medjool Date Syrup: Cinnamon 2 Pack

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We're making life sweeter! Sweetener with benefits!

Contains 2 x 10.8oz bottles of organic cinnamon medjool date syrup.

The sugar alternative you've been waiting for...Swap out your everyday sweetener for Joolies 100% organic medjool date syrup. Use the original date syrup in all drinks, smoothies, coffees, recipes or sauces, on pancakes, icecream - sweeten anything!

Joolies are dedicated to organic farming and thoughtful use of natural resources. They give their dates the purest water, rich nutrient-dense soil and of course, lots of golden California sunshine. Found only once place in the world.

The result? A happy superfruit to treat your tastebuds with. Joolies juicy hand-picked dates are a naturally good source of fibre with beneficial magnesium and potassium.