Olive Leaf Herbal Medicine 500ml

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Olive Leaf Herbal Medicine 500ml

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Experience the power of fresh Australian olives and boost your immune system with Herbs of Gold Olive Leaf. The vanilla flavoured extract is a high-strength formula, containing oleuropein, standardised to 44mg/7.5mL and hydroxytyrosol standardised to 2.85mg/7.5mL. Studies have shown that the extract of olive leaf has an antiviral property that can help boost the immune system and reduce the occurrence and symptoms of facial cold sores. Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine, olive leaf extract is a powerful antioxidant that has free radical scavenging properties.

* High-strength.

* Contains oleuropein.

* 44mg/7.5mL Traditional Western herbal medicine.

* Vegan-friendly.

Herbs of Gold Olive Leaf may support cardiovascular health and healthy blood sugar. Its main ingredient olive leaf is also known to positively stimulate the body’s phagocytes - cells that eat dangerous bacteria or other harmful organisms before they cause harm to the body. Research believes that olive leaf extract may have positive effects on the narrowing of the arteries and high blood cholesterol. This oral liquid is a great everyday assistant for your body’s strength, especially in colder months when we need a little extra support for our immune system to stay healthy.