Nettle Leaf: Organic Ancient Mineralizer
Nettle Leaf: Organic Ancient Mineralizer

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Nettle Leaf: Organic Ancient Mineralizer

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Nettle is one of the most commonly used herbs on the planet, used since ancient times, rich in lore with a plethora of healing benefits confirmed by the scientific community.

Nettle is one of those plants you can add to virtually anything. Soups, pesto, ice cream, mixed with your nutritional yeast with your popcorn, or just in a simple nutrient-dense tea with rose or your favourite herbs.

Evidence-Based Benefits:

- Nutrient-dense (contains a high amount of protein, iron and calcium)
- May reduce inflammation
- May treat hay fever
- May lower blood pressure
- May aid hair growth
- May help with arthritis and joint pain.

Nettle is one of Nature’s greatest multivitamin! Rich in nutrients, minerals and high in iron. t’s deeply nourishing for regular womb care, pre & post cycle, for fertility, for postpartum after birth, and in the case of a miscarriage. Nettle also supports kidney health, clears urinary tract infections and is incredibly effective at reducing seasonal allergies.

You can ingest as a tea, as a food and beyond. You can treat it as if it were a stinging kale, and make all sorts of delicious dishes, tea’s, broths and beyond.