Organic Honey with Mushroom Power

Life Cykel

Organic Honey with Mushroom Power

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Looking for honey with a difference? Look no further than Life Cykel’s groundbreaking Australian owned and produced honey formula that prioritises both human and bee immunity. Introducing: Mushroom Honey.


- Improves bee immunity
- Australian owned and made honey
- Promotes immune health
- Helps to reduce fatigue and stress


Ever wondered where all of the fresh produce you eat comes from? Believe it or not, a significant proportion is a result of bee pollination. As the miracle workers in the food chain, bees are vital for pollinating the vegetables and fruit we consume on a daily basis. Despite their importance, the bee population is disappearing at an alarming rate as a result of pesticides, disease and parasites.

Dedicated to finding a solution that allows us to enjoy the deliciousness of locally owned and made honey, while simultaneously helping to improve bee longevity, the trademarked ‘Beemunity’ product was launched. And as a result, so too was Life Cykel’s incredible Mushroom Honey. It’s honey, but with a difference!

Life Cykel Mushroom Honey contains Beemunity boosted honey and Reishi Liquid Double Extract to deliver a product that is uncompromising in benefits for both humans and pollinators. Life Cykel’s Beemunity product was designed to enhance bee health and longevity through increasing their immune systems. Life Cykel extracted the very best parts of various mushrooms in their Byron Bay Laboratory and mixed the extracts with native Australian bush foods sourced from the Northern Territory to create a potent immune-boosting tincture. This unique tincture is used as a food base for the bees to consume in their hives. Results suggest that this tincture has seen significant improvements in hives and their honey producing capabilities.

Why add Reishi Liquid Double Extract? In addition to the powerful tincture, Honey Mushroom has been upgraded with Life Cykel’s widely-adored formula, Reishi Liquid Double Extract, which has been used throughout history in Asian medicine to strengthen immunity, reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and to promote calmness.