Crystal Small Amethyst Generator
Crystal Small Amethyst Generator


Crystal Small Amethyst Generator

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Pure Healing Magic

This Amethyst generator is 180g of beautiful energy.

An explosion of divine deep purple colour.

Perfect for healing, yoga, rituals or meditation.

The Mystic Lore of Amethyst is Peace.

"I am tranquil & at peace with life."

Ritual guidance:

Cleanse and charge your crystal in the shining sunrise or rising moonlight.

Use to create a sacred space in your home where you desire clarity.

Our Crystals vary in size and weight. This is approximately 180g.

*See Blog for rituals relevant to crystal healing and magic...


*Hand Sourced High Vibrational Crystals

*This product is unique and may slightly vary from photography 

*This delicate crystal is not returnable due to fragile nature & energy exchange.