Fruity Vegan Gummy Bears
Fruity Vegan Gummy Bears

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Fruity Vegan Gummy Bears

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Fruity Vegan Gummy Bears 50g

Juicy, fruity, chewy...these vegan bears are the best in the biz! These bear-y tasty gummies are bursting with delish raspberry, lemon, and apple flavours.

Crafted from natural and vegan-certified ingredients, with no sugar-added and no sugar alcohols (No sugar alcohols = No nasty laxative effect)

  • 91% less sugar than other gummy bears​
  • 7 g of plant-based prebiotic fibre ​
  • 4.5 Health Star Rating​

0% Guilt 100% Tasty

  • Certified Vegan and gluten-free​
  • No sugar-added​
  • Keto-friendly​
  • No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours​
  • Crafted with plant-based prebiotic fibre that loves ya guts​
  • GMO-free ingredients​