PEA 50g Oral Powder


PEA 50g Oral Powder

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PEA: A novel anti-neuroinflammatory compound.

PEA is a natural substance produced by the body; it is very effective and safe to use as a supplement for pain and inflammation.

PEAexertsitsanalgesicandanti-inflammatoryeffects through a broad range of physiological pathways, which include modulation of mast cells, transcription factors, pain sensitisation, cannabinoid receptors, and other endogenous anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective compounds.

Dosage safety and clinical tips

Dosing – The daily dosage of PEA in clinical trials has ranged from 300mg–1200mg daily for chronic pain and up to 1800mg daily for acute colds and flu. Clinical trial data would suggest that a loading dose of 600–1200mg for 3–4 weeks followed by a maintenance dose of 300–600mg may be the most appropriate dosing strategy for chronic pain conditions. Individual requirements will vary.

Timing – Considering that PEA is a fat soluble compound, consumption with a fat-containing meal may enhance absorption.

Contraindications and adverse effects – There are no known contraindications. PEA has been clinically studied across a broad population group and has been found to be highly tolerable, with a side effect profile similar to placebo.