Euphoria : Aphrodisiac Elixir
Euphoria : Aphrodisiac Elixir

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Euphoria : Aphrodisiac Elixir

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Love Potion | High Potency Extract | Aphrodisiac 

Made 100% From Plants 

Ritualise your life with joy boosting medicinals! An exquisite elixir known to awaken loving awareness within the body, it can help stimulate the body, deeply nourishing the reproductive organs. Formulated with strong aphrodisiacs, this love elixir can help arouse the spirit and flood the energy body with light. A delicious tonic to share with your beloved, or to simply aid in awakening your heart with joy. 

Key Benefits:

+ May act as an aphrodisiac.*

+ May boost the mood.*

+ Can increase libido and sexual desire.*

+ May help increase fertility.*

+ Can uplift the spirit with joy.*

+ Helps increase connection between the self + others by opening the heart. 

+ Purposefully Unsweetened, Vegan, and Gluten Free.


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