Collagen Booster: Dirty Rose Chai

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Collagen Booster: Dirty Rose Chai

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Collagen Booster: Dirty Rose Chai 113g Glass Jar

Plant-based collagen + Digestive Ease + Bioavailable.

This signature formula containing herbs known for their collagen protecting and boosting effects. Now including digestive supportive spices; composed of adaptogens, ancient herbs, grounding spices and flowers known to support and beautify, repair, and restore. This blend is an excellent plant-based solution for those that want to strengthen their bones, nails, hair, tissue and skin with 100% herbs. 

About this formula:

SILICA + CALCIUM: Enhanced with horsetail and nettles, which helps build the body's own natural production of collagen with collagen co-nutrients such as silica and calcium for beautiful hair, skin and nails.

ADAPTOGENIC: Boosted with adaptogenic powerhouses, like Fo-Ti and Gynostemma for their beautifying chemistry. *Adaptogens are rare and remarkable plants that increase the body's ability to counter and resist physical, chemical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors by raising nonspecific resistance toward such stress. They decrease the organism's susceptibility to illness by allowing it to "adapt" to the stressful circumstances. Adaptogens support metabolism, help restore balance to the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, and allow the body to maintain optimal homeostasis. They usually also benefit the liver, cardiovascular system, kidneys, and pancreas.

YOUTHFUL GLOW: helps restore and maintain youthful levels of collagen and keratin.

DIGESTIVE FLOW: Cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and rose are known to soothe and assist digestive ease. This plant-based collagen is unique because it plant-based, not diluted and contains zero fillers!

This is a truly medicinal blend with added spices that have their own medicinal properties. These flavours are simply delicious additions to a signature herbal formula to boost and protect collagen in the body.