Citrine Crystal Generator Petite. & Precious


Citrine Crystal Generator Petite. & Precious

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Precious petite citrine generator. 105g of Abundance.

Inner inclusions and natural warm-toned rich golden light.

A perfect standing feature perfect for creating your abundant living space. 


The Mystic lore of Citrine is Abundance.

"I am abundant"

 Ritual guidance:

Cleanse and charge your crystal in rain, shining sunrise or mystical moonlight.

Use to create a sacred space in your home when you call for abundance.

Our Crystal Collections range in size and weight. This item approximately 100g.


*See Blog for rituals relevant to crystal healing and magic...


*Hand Sourced High Vibrational Crystals

*This product is unique and may slightly vary from photography 

*This delicate crystal is not returnable due to fragile nature & energy exchange.