Black Elderberry Syrup: Organic

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Black Elderberry Syrup: Organic

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BLACK ELDERBERRY Syrup : Vegan + Organic Antivirals

This is not your common elderberry syrup!

Many wonderful elderberry syrup products and recipes out there are made with honey. This Syrup is a very high potency combination using elderberry, coupled with herbal antivirals such as Skullcap baikalensis, Cordyceps, Reishi, Shiitake and Maiitake. All ingredients within this formula have been studied for their powerful ability to protect the immune system.

This is extra potent, and vegan. There is no honey like classic formulations. Instead, they extract the elderberry in both organic cane alcohol and organic vegetable glycerin, along with having a high ratio of a high potency extract of herbal antivirals to exalt the immune protective potential.

Medical Research About the Herbs

Skullcap baikal is a powerful antiviral, with extensive medical research confirming its ability to inhibit viral replication, suppress viral gene expression, inhibit/reduce cytokine cascades, and viricidal actions against influenza A (H3N2) and B viruses. Cordyceps is an adaptogenic mushroom known for its "anti-influenza effect." The extract is thought to be driven by increased natural killer cell activity along with other virus-killing cytokines. In addition, cordyceps have been shown to improve lung health by decreasing inflammation in both chronic asthma and other lung diseases. Maitake mushroom extract was found to significantly inhibit the influenza A virus from replicating, and it stimulated the production of antiviral cytokines such as TNF-alpha. Interestingly, it was made even more powerful when combined with shiitake mushroom extract. Shiitake mushrooms have been shown to have antiviral activities against the hepatitis C virus, herpes simplex virus, and human immunodeficiency virus as well as influenza. When specifically studied on influenza, shiitake was found to inhibit the growth of the virus by preventing the entry and uncoating process of viral infection. Reishi, another antiviral powerhouse fungus, is the woody, and therefore inedible, reishi mushroom. Reishi has been recognised as a medicinal mushroom for thousands of years. Reishi has the ability to combat many viruses, such as herpes, Epstein-Barr, and hepatitis. It has also been found to be effective in killing influenza A virus, which causes many outbreaks of flu throughout the season, including the very virulent and dangerous H1N1 strain of flu.