Our Story

Through the divine power of Ritual and honouring thy self, we nurture our heart, we connect the soul and body into a balanced state of being. Our story is an affirmation... Ritual is Life.

Our team has travelled the world in search of such divinity, beauty and peace. And so Ritual Rose is the culmination of this journey, a vision to share the tools and secrets for living in Ritual. Here we offer you all that we have gathered.

Wellness is alive with our organic collections that nourish the body, as we aim to offer an opportunity for limited exposure to high vibrational consumption only. 

You will find an exclusive collection of ceremonial cacao, conscious literature, crystal creations, energetic artefacts and self care essentials, all with pure intention for divine consumption, to support your heath and well being. Expose and Reveal. Do you.

Mindful living allows for more than just an energetic realignment; it returns the power back to your own healing hands, to build your own beautiful life. We are what we consume, inside and out, above and beyond... so wrap yourself in all things Ritual Rose.

It is an honour to share with you what we believe to be true, all we have found, and everything we see, for blessings are real and you deserve the best too.

Love life and honour your self. Join our tribe.

Namaste x