Organic Plant-Based Protein Sweet Vanilla Flavour
Organic Plant-Based Protein Sweet Vanilla Flavour

Four Sigmatic

Organic Plant-Based Protein Sweet Vanilla Flavour

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The sweetest Vanilla Plant-Based Protein with Superfoods (600 g)

Made with real vanilla (from organic vanilla beans), as well as a unique blend of functional mushrooms and adaptogens, this Sweet Vanilla plant-based protein is a delicious sweet addition to the Four Sigmatic family.

More than helping repair muscle post-workout, this organic plant-based protein builds overall wellness. Build Your Elevated Daily Routine Now. Make a Four Sigmatic Plant-based Protein smoothie to start your day.

Pure Organic Protein. Peas grown in the USA, hemp and pumpkin seeds picked in Europe, chia from South America, and coconuts harvested in Southeast Asia, are all ready to hop into your shaker cup!
Suggested use
Shake: Shake 1 scoop with 12 fl.oz. cold water and ice.
Blend: Mix 1 scoop into your favorite smoothie recipe.
Bake: Add 1 scoop to pancake, waffle, or brownie batter.
Other Ingredients. Organic coconut milk powder, organic maple syrup powder, organic vanilla powder, pink himalayan salt, organic monk fruit extract.

Contains tree nuts (coconut). Made in the USA.

Makes incredible, immune-supporting smoothies, shakes, and pancakes (15 servings). This chef-worthy plant protein combines the world’s most wonderful ingredients into one delicious, day-changing blend.