The Spiritual Journey of Ritual Rose

Ritual Rose came to life through a vision to heal the feminine.

This story began with yoga and a love for cacao, their heart centred healing energies, and the devastatingly disastrous journey that brought them to my life. 

Here at Ritual Rose, we invoke love through the consumption of all our organic offerings and magical collections. With the mantra, may all women feel love, be free from pain and suffering and truly know their divine shakti self. In doing so, healing the distorted lineage, both in the past, the present and for years to come. This is my vision, and here it has begun. 

The truth is that mainstream media and 'normal' way of living does not support nor offer true nourishment or teach these beautiful lessons of living in divine ritual. We are told how to live and brainwashed to conform. This common path was not for me. After suffering through the fight of dis-ease, destruction and disorders, the never ending search to find my home, yoga awakened a knowing and the desire to find honest happiness and health.

In this journey back to self, I listened and learned. I drowned in the unknown and perished the old self to rebirth, over and over again. For decades I wrote and I journaled, and magically created a book of rituals aligned with my spiritual lessons. This period also manifested my personalised goddess toolbox, a toolbox designed for me to stay balanced on my path, protected and supported, and so here I offer it to you in honour of the feminine.

Our beautiful collections are designed to feed your mind, body, heart and soul, nourish your inner power and awaken your spiritual connection. My books and oracle decks will lighten, expand, awaken, and heal your inner self.

Only here, in this sacred space and dedication to self, may we find peace, reveal and expand. And so please enjoy and consume the high vibrational offerings of Ritual Rose to unlock your expansive state of being. You are divine love.

As a teacher of 'yoga is medicine', an energy therapist, moonologist, herbalist, spiritual healer, holistic guide, and feminine coach, I affirm that living in Ritual will change your life. We are here to share these teachings and high vibrational collections with you. May you open this door to love, health, and spiritual wealth. Namaste.

Dedicated to our daughters and the "sparklings" of tomorrow.