Shifting into Homo Luminous 2022

Your form of existence is shifting into Homo Luminous states of being. What is this and how do we achieve this?

In a time of fake woke, false marketing of Yoga lifestyles and untrue holistic principles and people posing and pretending to be elevated states of energy, of which they are not. So how do we tell the difference and how do we become one with the homo luminous species...

I know from experience ways to shift your energy fields in order to become a homo luminous frequency. It is important to prepare your body and your mind for clarity and crystal clear consciousness in order to resonate with the shifting frequency occurring now on the planet.

The purpose of Ritual Rose is to introduce the marriage of Ritual with the highest universal frequency of the Rose, presenting a portal that offers the highest quality clearest cleanest consciousness of products, tools, food, what we put on our skin, what we put on our bodies, what we wear, what sounds we listen to, what we read, and what we consume... all create our consciousness

This is not a farce, this is not our marketing scam, this is a real life upgrading frequency. We hope you choose to receive this guidance.

Love us or leave us, maybe you’re not there yet, maybe you are not in alignment with this frequency, maybe this language does not speak to you, maybe this energy does not resonate with you. Perhaps Ritual Rose does not speak to you at all but if it does then listen when I say there is a way to become highly attuned, highly connected and highly aligned with our planet, with the energies, with the natural forces of this world that once utilised correctly become magic in your hands, because you hold the power, you hold the key to heal your trauma, to heal your hurts. You have the power to elevate your existence.

This is done through crystal clear consciousness, clarity and clearing. Clean consuming can clear your clutter in your life physically, in your mind mentally, in your spirit, in your heart emotionally and in your nervous system. You will shift once you change what you consume and how it feeds your mind, how it feeds your body and how it sustains your source energy. This is vital.

Becoming homo luminous is the next step, it is the future being. You can begin this journey to homo luminosity through changing your choices that will ultimately change your cellular memory, clearing old and redundant pathways, activating and remembering the cells that are so powerful they needed to be shut down by matrix programming in order to allow your functioning. 

Activating these new neural pathways will begin your new self activation and you can trust Ritual Rose to source products that feed your mind to fuel your body to sustain your energy and elevate your existence by browsing on a portal (or a website in layman terms) somewhere you can trust somewhere that has been created based on facts and proven frequency trial and tested daily by professionals, yogis and holistic health practitioners plus spiritual life coaches, all who consume from Ritual Rose to maintain and support their life purpose.

This is something for you to consider if you are looking for that next step, if you’re feeling like you’re stuck, if you are unhappy with your progress or maybe you are going through something difficult and looking for the slightest sign for support, here it is. You will see the difference once you begin living through Ritual Rose and aligning with the frequency of this portal.

Namaste beautiful Rose, may you consider what we have discussed. May you open your eyes to see beyond the vail of illusion. May you unlock your heart to feel your fiercest love force. May you uplift your soul to see the truth of who you are and you’re rightful life for love, health, happiness and spiritual wealth.

Namaste x