New Moon Rituals

Happy New Moon.

It is an important Ritual to follow the moon cycles for many reasons. Firstly and obviously for Rituals, but also for understanding the body, syncing with the seasons, gardening and studying the lunar phases, as each moon phase aligns with an archetype, that we consider an opportunity for expansion, awareness and awakened consciousness.

Each and every month, there is a new moon. This is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, symbolsiing a time for reset and new beginnings. This months new moon falls in the sign of Cancer, calling for self-care. 

The Sun and the Moon in Cancer creates a cauldron to cultivate change, In the darkness, where the sun shines from behind the moon, blocking us from its view, we journey inward to contemplate the energy that has consumed us during the previous phases and begin the process through this ritual of reset and plant the seed for our future self.

Here is our Mini Ritual Guide for sitting with this process. The days either side of this Moon also carry magnetic magi, so begin your Ritual anytime over this period.

1. Set An Intention

Take time to be still and connect the energetic bodies to hear the heart speak. Open the third eye and initiate your intention setting process. Be clear with your vision as it arises, use mediations and praniama to return to self and then truly state what you seek to manifest over the next 28 to 30 days. Write it down, journal and repeat through affirmations to ensure clarity and confirmation. 
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2. Create Sacred Space

Find a space that makes you happy, away from noise, disruptions and clutter. Ensure there is light using candles. Choose a space in your home that feels good to you, tiny or large, and collect symbolic items to add to it. Light a candle based on what different colour represent. For this new moon we will be using pink for love peace and affection. Purple is also an option, representing empowerment and wisdom. Place matching coloured flowers at your space to ensure it is visually pleasing, a secret for triggering happy endorphins and hormones. Next you must use our smoke cleansing incenses to cleanse and clear the energy of your environment. Ask the universe to share some light on your vision to feed its growth. Finally adorne your sacred space with those items that represent and align with your intentions, as a reminder and reinforcement. This is powerful. 
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3. A New Start

Today is the most fertile day of the lunar cycle to initiate a new start. Now is the perfect moment so write down your plans, such as finding a new job, starting your own business, planting garden seeds, seeking a new relationship. Ensure this is a clear and detailed list, then continue to visualise your future self so clearly that you feel as if that already happened. The power of visualisation is real. What you wish shall be done. This note will give you written reflection as you move forward. 

4. Love the Darkness 

The new moon is the darkest day of the month and our favourite. Ritually this time is used to dive deep in to you soul, sitting with yourself and reflecting upon your own darkness in reflection to the moons. This requires time alone, in silence and separated from the outside world, particularly devices and social media channels that connect you to the energy of other peoples lives. You will learn to love the darkness. Some rituals for this step include eating mindfully alone and in silence, continue to light your candle daily, meditate on your intention with visualisation, play your favourite music and sit out under the dark night sky in awe of its magic. This is the same magic also found within you.
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5. Love Yourself 

Cancer is the sign of compassion and now is the time to truly see yourself through the eyes of love, place your hand on your heart and use this ritual to connect to your own magical frequency. Decide what is your favourite ritual tool, crystals, candles, music, flowers, smoke or cacao, for examples, and adorn yourself with these loving practices, lavish yourself with love, accept yourself at this time. 
Be Gentle. Be Kind. Use this powerful phase to sip on your favourite teas, medicinal potions, mushrooms and cacao. This is a period of electric energy, where you get to dream up and magnify your potentials. And while you do so, sip on our Golden Moon Milk Latte, $49.99, to enhance the magic of this moon.
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