Crystals for Ritual

Crystals are available in a multitude of colours, shapes and forms. And so can become quite confusing for the ritual beginner. So where do you start?

It is vital to be mindful of just how magical and beautiful the crystal realm is, each carrying its own frequency with the purpose of shifting, enhancing, healing and supporting your energy field. So when we intuitively select a crystal, we also inherently select its associated secret magic healing frequency.

Below are our favourite five crystals that encompass all ritual. Each gem has its own powerful vibration and we use them to align our own lucid fluid constantly changing energies and work in sync to support our own specific intention.

1. Amethyst is the stone of the third eye chakra, opening the portal to your physic ability and intuition. Amethyst is used in Ritual to awaken intuitive power. As a Ritual, we wear Amethyst Jewellery in meditation. Or a stone can be placed on alter, on the mat, or in a. sacred space, to help hear your highest self speak - the part of you connected to the Divine Universal Wisdom within and without. It can calm the mind and spirit, invite peace and clarity, to channel intuitive knowledge. Amethyst is also used in ritual to invoke the dream portal, and the potential of bringing these visions to life. Place three around your bed, in the shape of a triangle, to activate awareness while you dream, to ultimately understand the hidden messages that dreams deliver.

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2. Rose Quartz is the energy of pure divine eternal love. It is available is many hues and forms, pastels and potent pinks, as stones, hearts and raw formations. It has a vibrant vibration that heals and strengthens connection to your heart, your hearts deepest desires, with visions on how to invite more of this yearning love energy in to your life. In Ritual, keep this crystal close to your heart to shift your vibration to align with the frequency of love. Visualise the colours pink, ask in to emanate around your ethereal field like a bubble of floating colour that expands with every breathe. More specifically, it can be used to treat anger and feelings of frustration that form blockages and congest the flow within the body. Rose Quartz activates in Ritual when held on the head, as it acts as a cleansing channel for this heat. This crystal delivers instant results, particularly when used in Energy work.

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3. Obsidian is another powerful tool used in Ritual. It is considered a potent protector, a tonic, for cleansing toxic energy from the body and mind, as it purifies all negativity. It is connected to the root chakra energy and used for grounding energy during times of uncertainty and despair. As a protector, it can be used every day to keep you free and clear of others energy and emotions. Due to this reason, it absorbs its environment, so it is important to cleanse and clear this stone frequently. This is also a Ritual requiring intention and natural magic forces, so wash it in the Ocean, leave it out under the Full Moon light or in direct Sun light. During Meditation or Savasana, place this stone on your solar plexus and visualise the shifting of all negativity and dark energy that may be accumulating in the bodies, bringing unstable emotions such as insecurity and confusion. Use this stone as a shield from all negative forces. It can be carried with you at all times.

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4. Citrine is known as the merchants stone, due to its manifestation powers. It is the colour yellow, so it carries the power of the sun and can offer positive energy and happiness when called upon. This stone must be activated in Ritual with natural sunlight, reflecting the suns energy back in to your space and deflecting the dark energy back in to the Sun to burn and disperse. Due to this direct relationship with the Sun portal, it does not require cleansing. This is a special characteristic of Citrine, and a rare quality within the Energy Healing ToolKit. Citrine has powerful manifestation powers and can also be used in abundance rituals to attract wealth. It is best kept with your credit cards or in your purse to activate its manifesting magic. State your intention and do the work, for these rituals require a positive belief system to sync with their source.

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5. Quartz, the master healer, is the most important crystal to start your Ritual work with. It has been used in ancient times to cleanse spaces and remove negativity from environments. It will work as an enhancer to all other crystals in your space, amplifying the vibration of the room. It is a vital crystal to have present during ritual to invite new energies to support the new invocation. Due to its clear colour it is known to create clarity for the holder, clearing the chaos, inside and out. For remember, you can only reflect the inside from out, and the outside from within. You are a product of your environment and this energy is in your own healing hands. It can offer clear healing to the wearer and it the best starting stone.

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There are so many beautiful blessings within the crystal world and the work can only begin with the initiation of intuitive intention from the beholder, so although they are an excellent tool, they are only a tool, and the Ritual can be held with or with out these tools. For those who prefer the physical and visual tool kit, these are your suggested five stones to start your Ritual Journey with. All available online in our store, as stones, beauty tools, jewellery, magic tools and more...

We are a team of experienced Yoga Therapists, Healers and Wellness Practitioners, available to assist with your holistic health journey. We hope you will begin your Ritual Life and dwell deep in to the realm of magic and the divine feminine. Namaste. Ritual Rose.