Ceremonial Cacao Will Change your Life

Welcome to the land of love... 

Here at Ritual Rose, Cacao is our love. And the land (our website) is a manicured, groomed ground for the highest vibration, consciously created, ethically sourced collections of cacao from around the globe. 

Ceremony has been used for centuries to honour and invite love and presence. Are you present at this moment? Do you reside predominantly within a love energy field? What do you sense at this time? Where is your mind mostly focused? Can you dwell deep within your heart to feel the essence of your soul? These are the notions we ponder for ceremony. We begin our journey within and sacred cacao becomes the chosen medicine to dissolve the walls we have placed that restrict our crave to change. Dissolve the resistance. It is simple and so beautiful.

Firstly browse our Cacao Collections to decide which cacao aligns. It is not a complicated process of decision-making. Simply scroll through and select based on instinct, intuition forces that naturally sway you. Conscious Consumption is another topic but extremely important. And also refer to our Cacao Drink Recipes for specialised healing concoctions.

Now we create space to hold this sacred ceremony. A space you will sit to bless and consume your anointed potion. Refer to our ToolKit Ritual Essential Guide and place flowers, sacred artefacts, candles of colour and scent of choice to reflect your intention. What is your intention? This is a ritual question vital to the process of all ceremony. Again, another topic discussed on another journal entry, intention is the energy you infuse in to your action. It is the magic ingredient to all aspects of manifestation and miracle work. We can create a customised ritual plan based on your desired outcome, please connect if intuitively inspired to.

Once you have created your sacred ceremonial space, prayer begins with an opening mantra, again customised to your intent. We sit in sacred silence to give thanks for the offering and invite love to enter all connected to the divine. Connect with your gratitude and open your heart, chant your intention and open your throat. Soften the eye lids to activate the third eye and visualise your dream. Invite red to your base, swirls of orange and yellow to your mid section and breathe before you sip. Sit in ceremony and savour each energetic influx and expel your no longer required emotions. We seal off ceremony with a seated silent meditation, hand on heart and hand on third eye. A slow kundalini circle sway is also a powerful option. 

It is our intention to raise vibrations through a collaboration of love and cacao. And let us begin now.